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When you vacation we have a recommendation Place Cheap Car Rental Surabaya which provides a variety of fleets of cars from various brands very complete in ranging from Honda Jazz, Yaris Matic, Mobilio, CRV, Freed, Elf Long, Mini Bus Tourism, Toyota Innova, Xenia , Avanza, Fortuner, Alphard, Agya, Hiace, Suzuki Swift, Ertiga, Grand Livina, APV, KIA Travello, Pregio, Grand Max, Pick Up & Ayla. At itself is also ready to receive booking charter for various purposes of tourism ranging from Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Bandung, Bali, Batu, Malang, Bromo and outside the city of East Java Others.

When going to vacation, you should prepare some things first, or your holiday will be a new disaster because you do not know where to go and what to do, especially if you really want to go on vacation out of town.

Then, what about Surabaya city? Not only because of the many tourist attractions that are there, especially in Sidoarjo regency. Surabaya is also known as a very big and quite advanced city in Indonesia, so do not be surprised if you will get a lot of unforgettable experience when spending time to vacation in this city.

As you know, preparing a vacation out of town is not an easy thing, especially if you want to vacation for a few days. It's not just about any equipment that will carry, but also the means of transportation to go and return, lodging, to transportation during your stay in Surabaya.

If you are already making sure the destination city on your vacation, it will usually be easier to think about what should be brought later. Before further discussing the means of transportation to which place to stay which you should choose when in Surabaya later, you should also think about how to save money while on vacation later.

You need to remember, the holiday is intended to make you have fun, but it does not mean to spend all your money, because after the holiday is over there is still ordinary life that still must be lived.

For those of you who are getting ready, here are some tips so you can save money while on vacation later.
1. Make travel plans with detail and make sense
Many people say a holiday that is too planned will feel too straight and will not happen a lot of surprises. However, that does not mean you can really lose and have no plan at all. If you have a plan that has been prepared, it will be easier also for you to take into account the range of costs to be prepared.

Planning is not just any place that will be visited, but also to what vehicles will be used and what needs to be taken when going to the place. It is still necessary to note because every place needs different preparations. For example, you would of course need a different luggage when going to the beach and to the mall.

2. No need prestige, Find a cheap place to stay
One of the things you need most when vacationing out of town is certainly a place to stay. If you do not have a contact that can be a ride, then your task becomes more severe ie find a place to stay. Maybe finding a place to stay is easy, but it's not as easy as you think.

In addition to paying attention to the distance from the inn to your destination, the price of lodging every night should also be your thoughts. Of course it would be unfortunate if you have to spend more money to pay for lodging than for fun, then first find some references to your place of stay.

In this era of internet and digital, it should not be too difficult to do this one, because there are already many lists and reviews for each place to stay.

3. Better to taste local food in simple places than to find food in luxury
Vacation to a new place is already you should use to know more about the place, including with local food that you may not find again at another time. In addition to these reasons, local food also usually has a much more urah price than the food served in expensive places.

Well, rather than you must comply with the prestige that must eat in a place expensive and good, it never hurts to be more frugal by choosing local foods that exist in places to eat simple. Usually, by going to a traditional place like this you can also get unique information from the surrounding community.

4. Do not directly buy souvenirs souvenirs at the place of tourism
In some tourist attractions that are quite large, usually there are also some shops that sell souvenirs typical tourist attractions or the area. Yes, shopping for hands is always fun, but not if you buy it in a place like this because it is usually priced at a much more expensive price, when compared with prices in the traditional market.

That is why, if you intend to buy pieces of hands, just go the traditional market that is around you. As an additional tip, it will be much more helpful if you do not wear makeup like a tourist or a solo traveler, as sellers often give multiple prices to travelers.

5. Do not forget to install the map application on your phone
At this time, it would be weird if you see a traveler carrying a large map paper while traveling around. Besides because it no longer feels effective, this way is considered to be very outdated and no longer visible because in the eyes of others.

That's why, maximize your phone by installing directions and place applications. By installing the map, your holiday trip will not only feel easier, but also safer because you already know exactly which streets you will pass, to any buildings that are around the street.

6. Want a cheaper holiday? Invite some of your friends
Everyone of course has special criteria for their best holiday version. There are those who prefer to take their own holiday alias solo traveling because it feels more free to go here without anyone to bother them, there is also a feel more comfortable together in the group because it will be safer.

However, if you want a cheaper holiday alias frugality, vacation in the group is considered as the type of holiday that best suits you. Why is that? Because with a vacation together, lodging fees and some other expenses will be charged to some people alias dues. Not to mention for the taxi fare which of course will often you need when on vacation later.

7. More thoroughly, subtract the trivial expenses as much as possible
What is a trivial expense here? For example, the cost of washing clothes too often buy mineral water when not always spent, and many others. Yes, washing yourself while on vacation is not always fun, but if you want to save money this is what you should do.

After all, if you really intend to save money, washing your own clothes or some other work will not be hard for you. Especially if you do decide to vacation in a group, then you can share the task with other group members, for example, there is a duty to wash, cook if your place of stay allows, and many others.

8. Bring food that can last long to prepare during the holidays
Those who have been accustomed to traveling for a long time usually have their own way in frugality, one of which is to bring food that can last long, also suitable to be a side dish and snack. For example, dry sauce or something else.

Do not immediately think that this one tips will be troublesome, because in fact it is not as busy as you think. You just have to put it in a plastic container or whatever is covered, and ready to carry anywhere. Easy enough and help your savings is not it?

Well, if you have recorded the eight tips mentioned earlier, then it is time you rethink will use any service during the Surabaya later. Actually, this is no longer a complicated problem because the city of Surabaya already has a car rental place that is cheap enough and ready to help you anywhere.

Before you know where the rental is, maybe some of you still do not understand why you should merental a car only if staying up to a few days in Surabaya. The first reason of course for your own convenience, where you no longer need to search or order a vehicle when it will start the journey.

While the next reason is suah you will immediately know how much it costs to transport while on vacation later. So, you can immediately set aside money for these purposes. Especially if the tone has a friend or maybe you alone can drive, so you can rent a car with a loose lock system where the price is looking cheaper again.

So which car rental is most recommended for you when going to Surabaya? No other is not This recommendation is certainly not without reason, because there are so many reasons and advantages that you can feel if you use the services of

For those of you who still do not know or know, is a site that provides a lot of information for you, ranging from business such as car rental before, business opportunities, information about tourism to culinary, lodging rentals and much more Others.

Some of the reasons and advantages you should know are as follows.

1. not only provide information, but provide complete service
From a little description that has been described earlier, you may think that only provide information, but in fact this one site also provides as well as a complete service. You can not only see information and rent a car, but actually Balazha also provides tour packages to the inn.

Detailed services provided would be very helpful for you, especially for those of you who are spelled blind with the city of Surabaya because previously ever come let alone explore this city. Completeness already mentioned earlier also directly answer almost all the tips that have been given before.

2. Been experienced for years
A searchable site or company is usually a long time there so it is more easily trusted. If you are also looking for a provider of such services as well, then can also be your mainstay because it already has a good track record for years.

Those who use the services of also claim to be very satisfied with the services available, both those who come from out of town and intend the holidays, until the original Surabaya people who only use a rental car within a few days.

3. Provide a different car rental system
It is undeniable that everyone has his own reasons and judgment when it will be a car. Therefore, also provides several car rental systems, which are as follows.
A. System Key Unlock
Rental cars with a lock off system is currently being a separate needs of more and more peminatnya from day to day. Why is that? In addition to the fact that more and more people are adept at driving the car, this system is also chosen because the car tenants will be more free while driving on the trip. Moreover, the key release system provided by for Surabaya and Sidoarojo has proven to be very cheap.
B. Rent System at once with driver
Well, for those of you who do not want to get too tired of having to drive their own car, maybe this system is most appropriate for you. This time, you will get a car at once with an experienced driver, also very familiar with the streets in Surabaya.

4. never disappoint customers by providing the best response and service
Another reason why always be the most important choice is the service and the response is never too late and always excellent. Whenever you need information about tours or car rentals, then you can directly contact and get the information.

To further satisfy you, also never shut down to give you time to communicate, so you can get the travel and holiday experience that you really dreamed of.

5. You will not be able to get a better price than
Yes, the price is still the most important consideration in any case. Very aware of it, then from the beginning always provide the price that best suits you. For more detailed pricing options, then you can directly visit, or can also visit the place directly if you do live in Surabaya.

6. You will often get a surprise discount
Do not want to halfway in the fun of the customer, occasionally also give a surprise of a discount. Discounts will be given more frequently at certain times where people spend most of their time on vacation.
For this reason also you should more often access, so do not miss information in the form of discounts and regret in the end.

7. never complicate prospective customers and customers
As you already know, lately often encountered promo or discount but must with difficult terms. In contrast to which always puts the convenience for anyone, good for normal order or any discount at any given time.
With this ever-forward ease, it is hoped that there will be no more people who complain because of the difficulty every time they will holiday with their loved ones.

8. also already has a very wide network
Tour and travel companies do usually need a wide network for the satisfaction of their customers. For itself, the breadth of their network is no longer necessary for you to question.

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