Rental Motor Jogja Once Bos Offers Choose Us Only

Rental Motor Jogja Once Bos Offers Choose Us Only

Rental Motor Jogja Once Bos Offers Choose Us Only

Rental Motor Jogja Once Bos Offers Choose Us Only

Sewa Motor Jogja

Rental Motor Jogja

Jogja's bike rental - pick-up facilities lease price 2 Helmets and raincoats. Terms can easily daily weekly and monthly to the public. Rent a bike near Lempuyangan Jogja, Malioboro Tugu Station - Travel Senja with low prices, fast service, easy terms. Cheap bike rental in Jogja provides several fleet units with complimentary shuttle service systems, complete facilities and cheap prices. Rental Motor Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Car Rental, Bicycle Rental Jogja, Courier & Package.

Rental Motor Jogja Once Bos Offers Choose Us Only

Rental services Motors in Yogyakarta cheap with free Delivery. Rental Motor Jogja is a transportation service that is best for those who want to visit Jogja. Serving motorcycle rental for students and the public. Motorcycles can rent daily, weekly. Rental Motor Jogja is one thing that is sought after by travelers. Rental services of motor and motor rental jogja jogja's supported many fleet units, output units of the new, free shuttle. Rental rates Motor Jogja - Jogja Offers Rental Motor in 2016, the service quick, easy terms. Package tours in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Vacation Tour.

We serve a special bike rental Jogja City and surrounding areas, the requirement is easy and cheap price. Motorcycle Rental Jogja - Yogyakarta free bike rental pick-up two helmets and raincoats. Prices start at £ 60,000 would you be interested? Rental Motor Yogyakarta / Jogja Rent Motor Shuttles ready to be a partner in the transportation of tourists during Jogja. Monthly Rent Motor Jogja Jogja Weekly Rental Motor Rental Motor Offers Weekly Jogja Jogja Jogja Motor Rental Motor Rent Weekly.

Rental Motor Jogja - Jogja Lempuyangan favorite place for a traveler coming to Yogya when using the train service economy. To enjoy the beauty of the city of Jogjakarta, for the tourists could take an alternative by using motorcycles. Motorcycle Rental in Jogja airport shuttle that only our best services sewamotor Jogja. Rental Motor Road Singamangaraja Jogja It is not something that is surprising when there are many companies that offer bike rental services.

sewa motor jogja dan rental motor jogja. Jogja is a student city also known as an alluring tourist destinations. Rental Motor Ground. Rental Motor Jalan Kaliurang Jogja cheap, cheap motorcycle rental terms. The duration of daily, weekly.

Providing the latest full type motor matic injection

1.Honda New Vario125 (Helmet inclusive)
2.Honda Vario LED cw FI
3.Honda Beat FI
4.Honda Scoopy FI (Helmet inclusive)
5, Honda Spacy FI (Helmet inclusive)
6.Yamaha Mio GT FI
7.Yamaha Mio J FI
8.Yamaha Mio125 M3 FI
9.Yamaha Soul GT FI
10.Yamaha Xride Trail FI
Fino 11.Yamaha FI
12.Yamaha Soul GT125 FI (Helmet inclusive)


1.Harian: Special Rp.70.000 Rp.80.000 type vario & scoopy
2.Mingguan: Rp.400.000 - Rp.450.000 (Depending Type Motor)
3.Bulanan: Rp.900.000 - Rp.1.100.000 (Depending Type Motor)
-NB: Prices could change when (Weekend and High Season)


Alamat : Komplek PEMDA SLEMAN Beran Kidul
Phone : 0822 4213 9598
PIN BB : D2194588
WA : 0858 7898 0090
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