What Are The High Determinants Of The Body Of Children?

What Are The High Determinants Of The Body Of Children?

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What Are The High Determinants Of The Body Of Children? Is the derived factor the dominant factor of a person's height?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about height topics. Many people think that if the height of a short parent then most likely the height of the child is also short. Is that right?

Genetic factors or offspring do have an influence on a person's height BUT this is not a single factor determining a person's height. In addition to height there are other factors that dominant influence one's height.

What Are The High Determinants Of The Body Of Children?

Apakah Faktor Penentu Tinggi Badan Anak?

What are other factors?

Determinants of Child Body height
The answer is nutrition! Nutrition plays a very big role to a person's height.

If a child consumes nutritious nutrients then the child can have more height than their parents.

The proof?

Around us, we often find a child who is taller than his parents and so is his parents are also higher than his grandfather's grandmother the child.

We can observe that the old times when the economy was still difficult, most people can not meet the nutritional needs well. But in line with the economic conditions that the better the height of the body from one generation to the next increased. This is the reason why children today are taller than the generation 10-20 years ago let alone the older generation.

Then whether the necessary nutrients for optimal height?

The most important nutrients for height are as follows:

1. Calcium
Calcium plays a role in bone growth for maximum height. Deficiency of calcium in the growth period resulted in height is not optimal. To get calcium can be obtained from milk, yogurt, meat, spinach and various nuts.

2. Zinc
Zinc plays a role in optimizing the performance of growth hormone or also known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The development of growth hormone is very determine the height or short height of a person. Lack of HGH at extreme levels results in stunt.

To meet the two nutritional intake above, what is the recommendation supplement from Tiens?

Tiens recommends calcium and zinc tiens. Calcium tiens are known as high calcium content with high absorption. Zinc tiens are made from natural ingredients that meet daily zinc requirements.

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